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Ag- Alchemy Dog Treats

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Dogs absolutely LOVE these treats made by Ag-Alchemy.  The have a great taste and come in a variety of flavors.  Pet Parents love these treats because they are more than just a treat.  They have Pro-Biotics in their ingredients!!  SOOO good for your puppy or dogs gut health.  Puppies especially need this good bacteria to help fight off pesky bugs while their immune system matures.  Veterinarians recommend young and old dogs diets be supplemented with pro-biotics...why not give it to them along with their treats?  They also help with the occasional bout of diarrhea or if your dog has a sensitive stomach.  

Ag-Alchemy also only uses human grade foods for the ingredients in their treats.  They are made in the USA by a family owned company that has been in business for over 100 years.  They are the real deal and care about what we feed our pets.  We love their products and are excited to offer them to you.  

We currently offer 4 flavors:

Bacon and Eggs - 6 oz

Pumpkin Cranberry - 6 oz

Bacon - 8oz

Peanut Butter - oz

Most have a Best By Date of 6-12 months after purchase.