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Birthday Gift Package for Dogs

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There is no better way to CELEBRATE your Pup's or Grand pup's birthday than with this fun filled gift basket.  Complete with a variety of treats, toys, a reversible bandana, and a lovable, lavender infused, Warmie, your fur-baby is sure to feel extra special on their big day. Your pup only has 1 birthday a year so live it up and show them some love.

Included in the package:

* One 12-13inch Warmie.  These cute snuggle buddies can be heated in the microwave and are gently infused with lavender.  They make the perfect toy to help your pup relax and cozy up to as they fall asleep.  (We try and include a dog shaped Warmie but this may vary depending on availability, Other options include: Sloth, teddy bear, sheep).  Warmies can be reheated hundreds of times. This is not meant to be chewed on and you will need to supervise your pup while they are using their Warmie.  Do NOT submerge in water or wash in the washing machine.  Must be spot washed by hand.  

One package of Spunky Pup dog treats.  Size- 5oz.  You can choose between Salmon flavored Dogstoppers or Chicken Flavored Puptarts.

One package of Ag-Alchemy Pro-Baked Dog Treats. You can choose between the Bacon or Pumpkin/Cranberry Flavors.  They both have probiotics included to help keep your pups digestion healthy.   

2 toys.  These will vary based on availability but one toy will be a Chew Toy/Bone. and the other a chew toy plus treat dispenser.  (No Rawhide)

* One Reversible Bandana that has a Happy Birthday pattern on one side and doughnuts on the other.  These bandanas slip right over your dogs collar. Machine washable. Tumble Dry low.  

Collars not included.   

Extra Small - 7 inches across top, 4 inches from center peak, fits 1 inch collar.  This size is for all cats and dogs under 10lbs.                                                                            Small - 10 inches across top, 5.5 inches from center to peak, fits 1.5 inch collar. This size is for larger cats and dogs 10-25lbs.
Medium 11.5 inches across top, 6.5 inches form center to peak, fits 2 inch collar.  This size is good for dogs 20-45lbs.
Large 13.5 inches across top, 8 inches from center to peak, fits 2.5 inch collar.  This size is good for dogs 40-60lbs.                                                                                          Extra Large 16 inches across top, 9.5 inches from center peak, fits 3 inch collar. This is for all large breed dogs over 55lbs.

These are handmade here at Fur All Times so please allow some small variances in size due to sewing differences.