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Fur All Times

Ultra Comfort Dog and Cat Beds

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These are the most cozy, soft and inviting beds your pet could ever dream of.  Made of long nylon and faux fur, its like sleeping on a cloud. The raised edges and circular design provide a sense of security helping even the most anxious fur-baby feel at ease.  Truly the best option for new puppies, kittens or rescues who are moving to a new home and need somewhere to find comfort.  They are made with an anti-slip bottom to help with getting in and out and its also water proof for those unexpected accidents.  They are even machine washable.  Give your furry best friend the gift of a wonderful night's sleep with this amazing bed.  

We have 4 sizes and 6 colors.  Sizes are measured on the outside edges.

Small - 50cm or roughly 20inches in diameter.  Dogs up to 20lbs

Medium - 60cm or 24inches in diameter. Dogs up to 35lbs

Large - 70cm or 28 inches in diameter. Dogs up to 50lbs

X-Large 80cm or 32 inches in diameter. Dogs up to 65lbs

Please refer to images to see other dimensions. 


Machine wash gentle cycle on cold.  Air dry or cycle on low.