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Puppy Basics Package, Essential supplies your puppy/dog needs

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Welcoming a new puppy into your home in the near future? Or maybe someone you know is and you want to get them the perfect gift. This basket has the essentials a puppy/dog will need those first few weeks at home. From grooming supplies to early training tools, we have you covered. We even included some probiotic treats and anti-diarrhea liquid to help with upset tummies or digestive discomfort. Don't be caught unprepared and grab this basket now!

1 doggie bowl. Anti-skid bottom 8.75 x 8.75 x 3.35 Inches, 34oz, dishwasher safe

4 puppy potty pads

60 poop bags

1 double sided brush (1 side for detangling and the other to smooth out the coat)

1 toothbrush for dogs

Nail clippers

1 package cleaning wipes (brands may vary)

A bag of treats from Ag-Alchemy. These contain probiotics to help with puppies digestion.

A treat ball (Treats fit into slots on the ball. Your pet must work to get them out. Stimulates thinking)

A 4oz bottle of Anti-Diarrhea Liquid

This package will come gift wrapped in clear cellophane wrapping.