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String Art Christmas Tree Ornament kits- Snowman, Wreath, Stocking, and Star

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Transform your holiday season into a masterpiece with our DIY String Art Christmas Ornament Kits. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a first-timer, these kits bring families and friends together for a day of creativity. Designed for kids, teens, and adults, enjoy a day of crafting delight. Share stories, laughter, and creativity as you adorn your tree with one-of-a-kind ornaments you can treasure year after year. A tradition to remember!

Each ornament is handmade by you making each one unique. No 2 will look exactly alike. Use your imagination and be creative. Try different ways to string them or add your own small touches. Be sure to write your name and year on the back of the wood slice so you can look back on it year after year and remember when it was made.

Included in these kits:
*wood slice (3.5-4 inches)
*crochet string
*pattern/tips and tricks
We also include colored pushpins and ribbon if that ornament uses those materials.

What you will need: hammer, tape and tweezers

These make a great classroom gift students can make for their parents. Teachers will often put the students picture on the back along with their name and year. We give bulk discounts. Please contact me if ordering more than 5 kits at a time. Nails can be pre-drilled (for an extra fee) to make it a little easier for younger kids or if you don't want kids using a hammer. We do give bulk discounts. Contact us for pricing!

Because we are using real wood for our backing board the bark may flake off in spots. We think it ads to the rustic feel of these ornaments but if you don't want the bark to fall off, be extra careful with the edges while you make the ornament.

Age Recommendations:
These DIY kits are made for beginners and are appropriate for children and adults! Kids as young as 6 have made these ornaments but they do need some help with placing the nails. Please supervise children when assembling these ornaments.

The difficulty level increases with the number of colors and small details of the design. An ornament with 1 color will be easier to complete than one with 3 colors.

Be very careful when placing the nails that you don't put holes into your table. The nails can go all the way through the wood slices. We recommend placing the wood slice on something that won't get ruined if the nails go all the way through. A cutting board, cookie sheet, or scrape piece of wood work well.

Thank you very much for supporting our small business!