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Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy for Dogs

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We all know brushing your dogs teeth is a necessary step for their oral hygiene, right?  But who honestly likes to do it?  Not your dog for sure!  These chew toys are the perfect solution!  While your dog chews and bites on it the grooves will clean and scrape off the build up.  Treats can also be inserted into the toy to not only encourage your dog to chew but also stimulate their thinking skills on how to get the treats out.  Double win! Cure boredom while cleaning teeth at the exact same time!  These are made with durable TPR as raw materials so even the most aggressive chewer can use them.  

Features: High-Quality Material • Safe For Dogs • Teething Toy • Washable

Pet Parent needs to be present while toy is being used to avoid choking hazards.  Make sure to use appropriate sized treats for your pet.  Toy should be cleaned between pet using it each day or replaced every 20-30 days.  

Dimensions: 6 inches long, 1.5 inches in diameter