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Welcome Home Puppy Package (Includes doughnut bed made with long plush material)

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Welcoming a new puppy into your home in the near future? Or maybe someone you know is and you want to get them the perfect gift. This basket has everything needed to help puppy feel at ease and comfortable while transitioning into their new home.  A soft, cozy bed with raised edges to provide a feeling of protection. A lavender infused Warmie puppy that can be heated in the microwave to mimic another puppy in the bed so your fur-baby doesn't fell alone.  The lavender also will help calm and relax any anxiety they may be having just like it does with people. Some toys to keep pup entertained and yummy treats to help with those first training sessions.  And of course a blanket to snuggle up in.  Providing a stress free transition to a new home has never been easier.  Don't skimp on your puppies comfort and get this package now.  You don't want to be wishing you had with a nervous pup at 2am.  


1 Small, doughnut, long plush pet bed (6 colors to choose from). 50cm (almost 20 inches) diameter.  Machine Washable

1 small, soft fleece blanket (patterns can vary but all will be dog related). Machine Washable on cold.  Hang Dry

1 Warmie puppy.  Can be heated hundreds of times in a microwave. 2 varieties available.   Tan with a longer body (neck warmer style) and a 9 inch, white with brown spots puppy.  Do not submerge these in water.  Must be spot cleaned.  Not meant to be chewed on.  

2 Toys.  One will be a chew Toy/treat dispenser and the other will vary depending on what we have available.  

A bag of treats from Ag-Alchemy.  These contain probiotics to help with puppies digestion.